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Why I won’t apologise for bringing my baby on a plane

You may have seen the viral post about new parents passing out "survival packs" to their fellow plane travellers, apologising in advance in case their infant cries. Packs with ear plugs and lollies. Well people, don't expect that from this momma! since when do we need to apologise for babies being babies? 1. Most airlines… Continue reading Why I won’t apologise for bringing my baby on a plane

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A letter to my sleeping baby

To my sleeping baby, As I write this you are sleeping peacefully next to me. We're both in your crib, because you are a heavy little nugget who only falls asleep in her bed but still wants momma close by. But it wasn't always like this, and it won't be like this for long. So… Continue reading A letter to my sleeping baby


Crockpot Pumpkin Soup

Soup-ity-do-da! Soup-ity-day! My oh my what a wonderful day! We've gotten pretty into the soups over here lately, to the point where I am have set a one soup a week limit because I need variety. Today's soup was all orange- pumpkin, carrot and kumara (sweet potato for you Americans) and oh-so easy to make!… Continue reading Crockpot Pumpkin Soup