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Ostend Market: Day 1

Our first Ostend Market was a success! And I am so proud of myself for getting (somewhat) organised and getting there. The day started off with us loading everything into the van and heading to go set up. We were informed to be there at 8:00 only to arrive to find everyone else already up… Continue reading Ostend Market: Day 1

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Market Days…. Day 2

So after our first weekend of netting negative 1 dollar we decided we need to try a bit harder and up our offering if we wanted to give our new side business of selling things at the market a real go. Originally we were thinking we would paint signs to sell at the market, made… Continue reading Market Days…. Day 2


Our 1st Market Day = success?

We did it, our first market day is done & dusted. I wouldn’t call it a raging success as we only sold one item and we almost lost our canopy to the wind, but it wasn’t a complete failure either. We’ve chalked it up to a great test run. Our goal was to test out… Continue reading Our 1st Market Day = success?

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Why I won’t apologise for bringing my baby on a plane

You may have seen the viral post about new parents passing out "survival packs" to their fellow plane travellers, apologising in advance in case their infant cries. Packs with ear plugs and lollies. Well people, don't expect that from this momma! since when do we need to apologise for babies being babies? 1. Most airlines… Continue reading Why I won’t apologise for bringing my baby on a plane