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My name is Morgan and I’m a nomad

I have a condition, it’s been officially diagnosed*

My name is Morgan and I’m a nomad.

 I’ve always had a not so secret love of moving, I’ve had 18 addresses in the last 14 years, and I am in the middle of preparing my 4th cross pacific move, but now I have a title, and I plan on embracing it. Nomad, it suits me well.

This move is significantly different, this time it’s not just me, but I’m bringing along my Husband and Daughter… We’re planning on paring down our belongings into 4 checked bags and a carryon, either way, by mid-August we will be on our way!

I’m originally form California but I’ve called New Zealand home for the past six years, I didn’t mean to immigrate… I came to travel, I had visions of backpacking around the world, but fate doesn’t always play out like you plan. The realities of needing money to survive and then stumbling into my future husband at a pub in Ponsonby set my path in a different direction.

Fast forward a few years, I found myself with a husband, a baby girl, a house, a massive mortgage, and an unfulfilling career. We’re working just to scrape by and throw in a trip back to California here and there. Not at all where I imagined I would be…

I did all the “right things;” I went to college, got a bachelor’s degree, got a job straight out of school in my chosen field, went back for my MBA, moved up the corporate ladder, became manager. I met somebody, bought a house, got married and then had a baby. I pay my taxes, in two countries, we even have life insurance. From the outside it may have looked like I had this whole adulting thing down. But in reality I was miserable.

I’m gone from home from 7-5:30 every day, my baby girl calls me dada, I have no energy for my family, my patience is gone, my work life is unbearable, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I shaved my legs…


May 9th 2018, I handed in my resignation notice, bought one way plane tickets for the family, and have started the process of packing up our lives once more.


What are we doing next? Well, we are currently searching for a motorhome, we’re starting our journey in Washington State August 19th, with the aim of getting to my hometown of Palm Springs by Mid September. Then to wherever our future motorhome will take us….

But for now, can we just take a moment to happy dance resigning, woohoo woohooo whoop whoop!!!


(*Diagnosed by the receptionist at my current place of employment)

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