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Ostend Market: Day 1

Our first Ostend Market was a success!

And I am so proud of myself for getting (somewhat) organised and getting there. The day started off with us loading everything into the van and heading to go set up. We were informed to be there at 8:00 only to arrive to find everyone else already up and running. We quickly popped up the marquee and threw the product on the table. The hubs left to prepare for New Years while myself and mini-me got to work slinging our goods.


I have to say, mini me isn’t the hardest worker but I think she definitely contributes the most to our profits… does this mean she is slave labour? I must remember to put some cash into her bank account for this…

The day went pretty smoothly and I am happy with our sales. We sold a total of 30 units, coming out $250 up. Pretty good considering I still have yet to print proper labels or even make a sign for the stall.

Speaking with everyone at the markets truly is a joy for me, I just love the atmosphere. People out and about on a Saturday morning just have that vibe about them, you know? That carefree let’s go stroll the markets in search of things we didn’t know we needed but now can’t live without type of vibe. Oh bliss.

We’ve decided to take this coming weekend off, mostly because the weather gods heard my prayers and let it rain, but we will be back at it next weekend and ready to rock!

our most unique shopper of the day


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