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Market Days…. Day 2

So after our first weekend of netting negative 1 dollar we decided we need to try a bit harder and up our offering if we wanted to give our new side business of selling things at the market a real go. Originally we were thinking we would paint signs to sell at the market, made on local reclaimed wood and the like, since my husband was a professional signwriter before he became a stay at home dad, but with a 1 year old he has found it impossible to find time to paint. But our dream of setting up a stall at the market remained…

What could we sell that we can create for little to no cost to us and then on sell to the lovely customers in Waiheke? Hum… Well lucky for us, part of my professional life has me creating products for international customers from New Zealand seafood products.  I have spent the last 10 years developing products for other customers, why couldn’t I develop something for us to sell? As a food technologist I knew the investment into selling food for human consumption and all the permits that come with it would hinder our side business success.. I don’t have the time or energy to jump through human consumption food laws in NZ. But what could we sell?

In comes… Pet Treats and the birth of Marley’s Munchies! I have worked on developing pet treats for customers, and have a good understanding of the market, so what better place to start then by using what I know? And Bam, we’re in business!


I spent the night before the market packing treats into retail bags, and hand writing the labels. We may need to invest in a printer, but we’ll get to that eventually. This weekend it was just me and my mini me manning the stall. Hubby had a day in the office. So my little & I loaded up the van and headed over to the trusted Blackpool Markets.


We set up in the shade, paid our $5 entry fee and waited. It was a sleepy Sunday morning, but the customers slowly stated coming in. Overall we sold 8 packs of dog treats and a carton of plums from our tree. Sales came in around $70 and some change, after I spent $10 on Christmas presents, $4 on a book, and our $5 entry, our net profit was $51! Not too shabby!

I guess this is where I should mention why we are venturing into the market life side hustle life…  We are day dreaming of buying an old bus to convert into a tiny house on wheels. Our goal is to purchase our bus in March 2018, and get it road ready by this time next year. As we have to be out of our current rental house then, and aren’t too sure where we want to live next, but we do know the bus life is calling our names!


My little didn’t last the whole market, but thankfully the van comes with a bed and she was able to squeeze in a snooze. I am totally docking her pay for this though!

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