Our 1st Market Day = success?

We did it, our first market day is done & dusted. I wouldn’t call it a raging success as we only sold one item and we almost lost our canopy to the wind, but it wasn’t a complete failure either. We’ve chalked it up to a great test run. Our goal was to test out the vibe, meet the locals and go from there. Call it market research and it was a success!
dog bp
A bit of background, the Blackpool Carboot Sale is more of a glorified garage sale for the locals on Waiheke. Today there was about 20 booths set up selling books, jams, chutneys, children’s toys, clothes, Christmas gifts and decorations, jewellery and the like. Oh and of course, it wouldn’t be a market without a sausage sizzle.

The day started off with a dash of rain, so I think we can blame that on the lack of customers & low (ok almost nonexistent) sales.

Here’s the round up:
Entry fee for the market -$5
Sales +$4
Overall total -$1

Can we claim this as a business expense on our taxes? :p

Take home notes; good table display brings the customers in, put a price on every item, and pack food & water to avoid spending money at the market!

bp mo 2

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