Mums and Bubs Yoga…

Many moons ago in my pre baby life, I used to attend yoga regularly. Ok sometimes once a week. Since having bubs, it has been hard to get to class, ever. So when I saw Mums and Bubs yoga at the local, I thought, yes, winning! YOGA!!!!

I thought wrong. As a new mom, something no one tells you is that Mums and Bubs anything, is really just a bunch of kids running around like crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, the bubs loved it and she is now having the longest nap ever. So it was worth the $10? On second thought, she has just as much fun going grocery shopping..

I think I’ll shelf the Mums and Bubs yoga, just stick to Mums Yoga, and Daddy can have Daughter time while I go get my zen on. Who am I kidding? Any baby free time I get is so going to be with wine in hand!

One day I will get back to my yogi roots…



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