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Why I won’t apologise for bringing my baby on a plane

You may have seen the viral post about new parents passing out “survival packs” to their fellow plane travellers, apologising in advance in case their infant cries. Packs with ear plugs and lollies. Well people, don’t expect that from this momma!

since when do we need to apologise for babies being babies?

1. Most airlines provide headphones to passengers

2. I’ve got enough sh*t to bring on the plane, I don’t have room to pack 300 goodie bags

3. I’ve got enough organising and stressing going on in my everyday life, then I’ve had to get us all prepared for this flight, and you want a freaking goodie bag?! Be thankful that I showered in the last 24 hours.

4. We’re flying economy & I’ve got my child in my lap. If I had any extra money I would have purchased her a seat, so I would be more comfortable, not bought you all treats. If you want peace and quiet get your own damn plane.


If you happen to be seated next to a baby & mum on a flight, just smile and nod. You could be that mommas only adult interaction she’s had all week. She’s just trying to get someone’s grandchild to them for family time before the years slip by. And if she could teleport she would.


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