Preparing for international travel with an eight month old baby…

I have an 8 month old baby. In two weeks time we’re embarking on our 2nd journey to California from New Zealand. This time with a lay over in Hawaii. Just her & I are on the flight over. Thank goodness my husband is joining us on the flight home 6 weeks later, because I’m pretty the nugget will be crawling by then.

Last time we did the journey she was 4 months old and half the size. And she slept….

Now, she’s awake all the time. ALL THE TIME! With 24ish hours of travel looming the panic is starting to sink in. Panic not only because I’m going to physically have to carry/hold my 22lb child for that long, but I’ve also got to manage all of the things….

So here’s the packing list for our 6 week, 5 city US holiday:

-Car seat

-Pram/stroller, the heavy duty Mountain Buggy

-1 large checked rolly suitcase, half full so we have room to shop

-1 large carry on, debating the best bag for this…

-1 “personal” carry on, aka the biggest freaking nappy/diaper bag I can find

-straps to secure the car seat to the rolly suitcase.

On our first international flight to LA, scored the bassinet upgrade for free. Thank you Fiji Airways!

Did I forget to mention once we arrive in LA we’ve got to get to the train station solo? With every thing mentioned above? Including the nugget?!

I’ve been living overseas for 5 years now, I’m made this trip almost 10 times I’d say. I usually survive with the support of airport wine & Tylnol PM. But I’m a mom now, and apparently it’s frowned upon to just try to sleep through a screaming child when it’s yours.

I think I’m going to need a holiday from this holiday…


any tips on travelling with infants? Especially when your infant is the size of a toddler?






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